Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ah, the joys of being human

I have not blogged in a long while.  Due to various life responsibilities just now, I will not have time to work and rework this post.  Just be aware for those in the EU this blog site uses cookies.  That is the Blogger website.  My particular page carries those site-wide cookies.  

Also over the years, this blogging site service has changed and I have not kept up with understanding those changes so I do not know if the comment section still works or not.  For those who do read this and know me and my regular e mail address, feel free to contact me and tell me how the site works.  This time I am not advertising or announcing or mentioning this post on my Facebook page.  I do not want to antagonize further my friends and relatives with any unwelcome political posts. 

However, as I sit here, awaiting my first Chemo on Tuesday, and my third last church service of this portion of the year before the summer holiday and wishing I could have gotten these two dates to match better, I have made use of the political circumstances to provide diversionary moments to take my mind off of the discomfort of this period in my life. And now without further ado, here is a new post:   

Because of my constant moving around and an old requirement that all students have on their permanent record a class in civics, I took and retook civics, history, government, what ever class was required by the state or country I was in. So I have at least a rudimentary knowledge of US government procedures.

I would say that around the year 2000 I began to notice that the present voting population have watched and allowed and promoted Constitutional change to old absolute rules that we knew were listed as rights in the constitution. We allowed and promoted redefining our expectations. And as long as things suited us, our greedy little selves, we were fine with it.

Then one day one wakes up and some old absolute is gone and we find out it is too late to go back and undo things. I will give only one example of change. There will be a flurry of hatred rising in many throats. I found this out in 2000 when I unwittingly said, “all children born of a US citizen OR born on US soil, are US citizens.”

This was still true in 1970; even later it was still true in 1974. But somewhere between '74 and 2000 things changed. And you can get yourself harmed by even mentioning this in some areas.

I think the reason I did not personally notice the change was that in all truthfulness I at last gave up on the US presidency during Watergate. Day after humiliating day, disappointing day, angering day, everything I ever believed about the goodness of the US was destroyed. It had already been crashing with the Kent State massacre, with Vietnam, with the lack of civil rights, etc.

And I listened to a biography of Senator Eugene McCarthy. Bad mistake if one had wished for me not notice the link between fanaticism, a certain political party, and a certain branch of Christianity. And that was the year, time, I walked away from crying when seeing a child wave a flag at a parade, or a footballer pray before a game or any of those quintessential things...

I grew up and into the reality of my world. One can live in a happy pretend little dream world or one can live where they actually live. Quite late in life I went back to school and took things like pubic policy on this and that, and began to learn how politics really works. I took church history and theology and philosophy and biology and human geography and social psychology and worldview and integrative classes made up of students from three disciplines so we were forced to see things from other points of view. Oh thank God for middle age when one has time, money and experience to finally learn what we have wondered about our entire lives.

In recent years I have been able to travel and I went to places that have been bad-mouthed all during the cold war, plus I went to see the NATO countries to see what they really think of North Americans. I am sure I have not seen everything and am very limited in my knowledge, but I learned some things well. We on this side of the Atlantic have a very odd and uninformed worldview simply by virtue of not having lived on the other side for a while. We also have an inflated opinion of ourselves. Much of the world is laughing at the US President right now and even more would say, Who are you talking about if you mention the name of the Canadian Prime Minister. We usually just do not compute, even on Jeopardy when a Canadian question is posed.

There is also a generalized fear factor regarding the US president since he has access to that magic button that can blow up the world and it is seen to be accessible to an idiot just now. But other than that, one can safely turn their eyes away and not watch.

Go on with life. You have no control over it anyway from this distance. Those with power, the voting citizens, have chosen. They get another chance soon to vote again and take some new action. The rest of us just reap the results of their choices.

One need not be concerned at all, unless of course there are people you love like young persons of draft-able age and old people who need care or sick people who need medical assistance or women who must work to help support their families while their state legislature votes down a realistic wage and they can in no way afford to get pregnant just now but they cannot afford to keep themselves unable to get pregnant—yes, there is abstinence, but something tells me this can be forgotten as easily as a pill. Best have two forms going.

Ah, the joys of being human. We are so fortunate to be able for seconds at a time to see the beauty all around us. To hear the sounds of summer. To feel the joy of those grads as they throw their hats into the air a few seconds before adulthood begins. The sound of a birthing cry. The trickle of a joyous tear at a wedding. The tickly feeling of a pet's fur. The smell of pop corn at the fair. The sense of security in the love of a spouse. The challenge of a good friend. The beauty all around us.

We also have the burden of being human. As such we should do all in our power to promote the beauty for all and stop the madness that brings only sorrow and trouble. When there are said to be no choices, you must bring about choice. You must insist your party or group choose more wisely and provide a choice. Choices are hard. They are not comfortable. But they are necessary and need to be made on a moral basis. Not religious or partisan. Their needs to be logic, and measurable requirements, such as, “in the past, has this candidate demonstrated integrity, reliability, capability, and a visible record of past actions?” 

The best indicator of the future is the past. If a person cannot be perceived to be a person of integrity, reliability, capability, with a visible record of past actions, your party has no business offering that person for duty. You have no business supporting a party that fields an unsuitable candidate. Your childrens' futures are at stake. Everything is at stake. It is not a party issue in the end. It is a survival issue.